Image Bearers: Female and Male ( Femininity and Masculinity)

Some countries are so desperate to stop the decline in population they they are offering tax free status for life to women who have 4 or more children!  How did Mothers become so popular again after decades of career, "me" and money coming before kids?  Let's examine the Scriptures to see God's perspective on women, men, identity, community and family.

Genesis 1 - 3
Isaiah 66:13
Isaiah 49:15
Hosea 13:7-8
Luke 13:34

Sermon Discussion Questions: 

  • What does it mean to be created in God's image? 

  • What does it mean that  both male and female are God's image? 

  • What does it mean that male and female are: Equal, Different and Complementary.  How does the society understand: Autonomy, Equality and Submission? 

  • How does God view these things and why is this very different from the world? 

  • Why is motherhood not encouraged today. 

  • How does God see it?