Local & Global Missions

Outreach Missions

Crossroads Christian Fellowship Church supports missions because of the Biblical emphasis on preaching the gospel and planting churches. This is a pattern that the apostles followed as they sought to fulfill the Lord's Great Commission. Recognizing the central place the church has in the redemptive purpose of God, Crossroads attempts to aid missions which fulfill the gospel directive as they preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, gather believers together into churches, and establish Elders from the indigenous population.

A secondary goal is to do acts of benevolence as an expression of God's love for the world. So many people in this world are suffering because of sickness, war, and natural disasters and Crossroads is trying to minister to human needs today as we show God's love.

It is the goal of Crossroads Christian Fellowship to support missionaries and programs which strive to accomplish these Biblical tasks in doctrinally sound, spiritually mature, and financially responsible ways. Crossroads has an established Missions Committee to evaluate the requests for support.

Each year since 2009 a team of persons from our church has joined up with many others for a mission trip to the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean. They get to experience the mission field first hand through helping construct a church building for a poor congregation, running a childrens' Bible School program, distributing clothing to a needy community, and conducting vision tests. It is the hope that this annual event will not only administer aid to those in need, but also to fully develop a heart for missions for generations to come.

Congregational Needs

Crossroads Christian Fellowship has developed several internal programs to meet the needs of our congregation, whether it be spiritual or physical: from scheduled prayer meetings to presenting petitions to God of known needs to the Barnabas Teams that ministers to members in the hospital and shut-ins to benevolence for those in financial need.

The Barnabas Hospital Team has dedicated individuals who go into the hospitals Monday through Friday to visit and pray with those who are ill, needing surgery, or recovering.

The Barnabas Home Visit Team also has devoted individuals who visit in the homes of our shut-ins and at the local nursing homes.

Local Concerns

We realize that all can be missionaries and it starts right in our local community. For this reason Crossroads supports several area mission programs.

Once a month a group from our church travels to the Rescue Mission of Mahoning Valley in Youngstown, Ohio, to serve a meal to those in need. The Rescue Mission provides food, shelter, safety, and a second chance to the homeless, abused, battered, and hurting. Those who participate come away truly blessed from this experience.

We actively support the Downtown Ministries of Greenville which provides a spiritual oasis to area youth and Thiel College students. They are dedicated to reaching out to both the churched and unchurhed young people of this area during the evening hours and to adults during the morning, sharing the love of Christ and His message with the community. This growing ministry has recently undergone a major facility upgrade into the non-profit Fresh Grounds Coffeehouse & Cafe and many persons from our church have volunteered to provide the necessary labor for the building renovation, construction, and on-going operation.

The ministry of The Good Shepherd Center in downtown Greenville addresses the physical needs of economically challenged in the greater Greenville area. It is an around-the-clock ministry center proclaiming the compassion of Jesus Christ through support of food and other essentials.

In addition to supporting the mission of the Salvation Army, our church also enthusiastically volunteers to man the annual holiday donation kettle for one day at the local Wal-Mart store.

Our church enthusiastically supports the local program His Work His Way Greenville. This annual week-long nonprofit Christian community development ministry provides support for community members who are in need of home repairs and are unable to meet those needs without assistance.


Global Missions

We at Crossroads strongly support several campus, domestic, and overseas missions both financially and prayerfully. Listed here are just some of the missionaries we actively support. (Note that some organizations or information is purposely omitted to protect their safety as they work in politically dangerous situations.)

The Navigators reach out to international students with the gospel on American college campuses. We actively support Ken and Joyce Layton's work at Penn State University. They help establish international students in their faith, equip them with needed skills, and teach them to pass on their new faith. Their goal is to help these students reach a point where they will continue to walk strongly in their faith when they return home, where they will be able to disciple others.

Christian Aid Mission has the number one goal of establishing a witness for Christ with people who have never before heard the name of Christ. This ministry sends financial assistance to indigenous missionaries who, with their knowledge of the language and understanding of the culture in a specific region, are able to best determine the evangelistic approach best suited to reach a particular tribe or people group. We have a particular link to Dorothy Sun, director of the China Division of Christian Aid, and their efforts to support missionaries and Bible training centers in mainland China and to Chinese students and scholars in the United States.

World Gospel Mission seeks new converts hungry for the Word and a passion for serving the Lord. Our church has a close relationship with David and Debbie Hawk, who are currently serving in Jucuapa, El Salvador. They are working to establish churches in El Salvador while they share the gospel message.

WorldVenture is engaging the world for gospel impact. Our relationship is with Steve and Cathy Voke who are serving in Chateau Arnoux Saint Auban, France.

Compassion International provides medical, educational, and spiritual aid to children in impoverished third-world countries. Our scholarship provides a child with Bible teaching, medical checkups, health and hygiene education, recreational activities, academic support, and scholastic materials.

We support several efforts in the Dominican Republic including Meeting God in MissionsWhite Fields Foundation, and Del Ray Ministries. An annual mission trip to Hato Mayor provides a hands-on opportunity assist in medical services, children's education, construction projects, and pastoral training.