Life of Daniel: Dare to Be a Daniel

We live in a culture that is growing increasingly hostile to Christianity. How should one function in such an environment? Daniel is a good model for us to turn to because he was faced with a similar situation all of his adult life. This study will begin to look at his life with a view to how we can be faithful in trying times.

Daniel 1

Sermon discussion questions for parents to use with their children:

  • Why was the position Daniel put in so potentially dangerous for him?

  • What are some of the godly characteristics Daniel showed as a young man?

  • Why is it so hard to take a stand like he did?

  • Why was it so important for him and the others to take that stand so soon after they arrived in Babylon?

  • How is Daniel's situation similar to ours as Christians today?

  • What lessons should we learn from his life?