Holding Salvation in His Arms

Jesus warned us not to rest on a shaky foundation. There are many shaky foundations that people build their religion on that utterly fail when most needed. That's why it's important to remember that Salvation is a Person. And He will never fail!!

Luke 2:21-38
Philippians 1:21,1:23,1:1,1:18,2:21,4:13
1 John 2:1-2
Hebrews 4:14-16
Acts 7:56,7:59
Matthew 25:34

The belief of the testimony, or record, concerning the Son of God, our Saviour, is the porch of the building, through which we pass into the audience-chamber and meet the Living Inhabitant, full of light, and life, and love. Andrew Bonar The Gospel Pointing to the Person of Christ

Faith is not so much a disposition of the mind toward the truth, as a disposition of the heart toward Christ, produced by means of the truth. Sievewright

The faith which is most blessed is faith which deals most fully with the Person of Jesus Christ. The truest repentance is that which weeps at the sight of His wounds and the love which is most sweet is love to the adorable Person of the Well-Beloved. I look upon the Doctrines of Grace as my Lord's garments and they smell of myrrh, aloes and cassia. I look upon His precepts as His scepter and it is a rod tipped with silver. And I delight to touch it and find comfort in its power. I look upon the Gospel ordinances as the Throne upon which He sits and I delight in that Throne of ivory overlaid with pure gold. But oh, His Person is sweeter than His garments, dearer than His scepter, more glorious than His Throne! He, Himself, is altogether lovely, and to love HIM is the very heart's core of true religion! Charles Spurgeon Number 1281

Sermon discussion questions for parents to use with their children:

  • What are some of the shaky foundations people build their religion on?

  • What does it mean that Salvation is a Person?

  • In what ways is having a faith in the person of Christ important in terms of sin, trials, death, and the final Day?

  • How can we nurture a love for Christ?

  • How does He divide?