We Have Not Attained It All Yet, but We Still Pursue

Everyone is running a race through life, but many are running with different goals. Our prize will be eternal fellowship with Christ; something that cannot be fully attained in this life, but we still need to pursue that goal as we mature in Christ!

Philippians 3
2 Corinthians 11:23-28
Acts 22:4-10
Hebrews 12:14,6:1
2 Timothy 2:18
Luke 9:62
1 Corinthians 9:24,3:12

Sermon discussion topics for parents to use with their children:

  • What kind of a spirituality race are you running?

  • How do you press on when life gets you down?

  • Has Christ laid hold of your heart?

  • What are you trying to forget from your past in order to reach forward to the upward call of Christ?

  • Are there sins in your life which are moving you backward in your Christian walk?

  • What spiritual goals do you have?

  • What is the prize you are running to obtain?