Mark: Demons, Pigs, and an Amazing Savior

After studying this text in Mark we should never be intimidated by the world or the principalities and powers again... they are the ones who are intimidated by this amazing Savior. Here is real hope for us all!

Mark 5:1-20,1:11,1:24,1:34,3:11-12,4:41
James 2:19
Luke 8:31

Sermon discussion questions for parents to use with their children:

  • How would this man have appeared if you saw him?

  • What did the demons do to his personality?

  • What was the demons response when they saw Jesus?

  • Why did they respond this way?

  • Why did Jesus not just run from this man?

  • What does this account tell us about Jesus?

  • How can what we learn about Jesus from this story help us as we believe in Him today?