Mark: Who Do You Serve?

Who do you serve? What is Greatness? These are important questions that Jesus answers in surprising ways in the book of Mark.

Mark 10:32-45
1 Corinthians 1:18-24
Luke 18:34

  • Let us mark this well. There was nothing involuntary and unforeseen in our Lord's death. It was the result of his own free, determinate, and deliberate choice. From the beginning of His earthly ministry He saw the cross before Him, and went to it a willing sufferer. He knew that His death was the needful payment that must be made to reconcile God and man. That payment He had covenanted and engaged to make at the price of His own blood. And so when the appointed time came, like a faithful substitute, He kept His word, and died for our sins on Calvary.

  • Let us ever bless God that the Gospel sets before us such a Savior, so faithful to the terms of the covenant--so ready to suffer--so willing to be reckoned sin and a curse in our stead. Let us not doubt that He who fulfilled his engagement to suffer, will also fulfill His engagement to save all who come to Him. Let us not only accept Him gladly as our Redeemer and Advocate, but gladly give ourselves, and all we have, to His service. Surely, if Jesus cheerfully died for us, it is a small thing to require Christians to live for Him. J.C. Ryle The Gospel of Mark

Sermon discussion questions for parents to use with their children:

  • Why did Jesus have to force Himself to go to Jerusalem?

  • Have you ever had to force yourself to do something like this?

  • Why was the disciples' attitude so wrong?

  • How can we be like them today?

  • What is greatness in Jesus kingdom?

  • What is one of the questions God will ask you on the Final Day?