Mark: Suffering, Yet Concerned for Others

Mark tells us that Jesus revealed so much about the character of God by His concern for others during the very hours of His suffering and death.

Mark 15:20-32
Luke 23:26-43,23:47
Philippians 2:6-8
Matthew 26:53,27:44
John 19:25-27
Revelation 2:17

  • His own racking agony of body did not make Him forget others. The first of His seven sayings on the cross was a prayer for the souls of His murderers. J.C. Ryle

  • Let us see in our Lord's intersession for those who crucified Him, one more proof of Christ's infinite love to sinners. The Lord Jesus is indeed most pitiful, most compassionate, most gracious. None are too wicked for Him to care for. None are too far gone in sin for His almighty heart to take interest about their souls. He wept over unbelieving Jerusalem. He heard the prayer of the dying thief. He stopped under the tree to call the tax-collector Zaccheus. He came down from heaven to turn the heart of the persecutor Saul. He found time to pray for His murderers even on the cross. Love like this is a love that passes knowledge. The vilest of sinners have no cause to be afraid of applying to a Savior like this. If we want warrant and encouragement to repent and believe, the passage before us surely supplies enough. J.C. Ryle

  • One thief was saved that no sinner might despair, but only one, that no sinner might presume. J.C. Ryle

Sermon discussion topics for parents to use with their children:

  • What examples does the Bible give of Jesus' concern for others while He was dying?

  • Do we tend to be like this?

  • Why not?

  • hat do His actions tell us about the character of God?

  • Why should this encourage us to come to Him?

  • Why should we not delay even though the dying thief came at His final hours of life?