Mark: David's Son... David's Lord

In this passage from Mark, Jesus said Messiah will be David's Son and David's Lord. We greatly need Him as both and in this message we will explore why.

Psalm 110
Mark 12:35-37,11:27-28,12:14,12:18,12:28
Isaiah 11:1,9:6-7
Jeremiah 30:9,33:15
John 1:1,1:14
Romans 1:1-4
Acts 17:31

  • Now it is for the abundant consolation of the saints, that their own Redeemer is appointed to be their judge; that the same person who spilled His blood for them hath the determination of their state left with Him; so that they not doubt but that they shall have what He was at so much cost to procure.
    What matter of joy to them will it be at the last day, to lift up their eyes, and behold the person in whom they have trusted for salvation, to whom they fled for refuge, upon whom they have built as their foundation for eternity, and whose voice they have often heard, inviting them to Himself for protection safety, coming to judge them. Jonathon Edwards The Final Judgment

Sermon discussion topics for parents to use with their children:

  • Why is Jesus called David's son and David's Lord?

  • Why do we need Him... as the human race; as individuals?

  • Why do we need Him as David's son?

  • Why do we need Him as David's Lord?