Embrace and Excel

There are cultural givens (presuppositions the culture holds) that have damaged our views of children, family, and the exalted calling of motherhood. But the Bible can restore us to its givens and restore the family as God has purposed it to be.

Psalm 127-128
Matthew 20:25-28

1 Chronicles 25:5

Sermon discussion topics for parents to use with their children:

  • Describe these cultural givens: Live is primarily about me; children are to help me fulfill myself; children are a liability.

  • Describe these Biblical givens: Life is primarily about serving others; children are a blessing from the Lord; motherhood is an exalted calling.

  • How do the Biblical givens help us understand the role of mothers?

  • What should you do with this Biblical perspective?

  • How should it impact or change your life?