The Gospel in the Old Testament: The Forever King and Kingdom

If the news depresses you, and the world seems to be in a spiral of decay... there is good news — and it's found in the Old Testament — a forever Kingdom is here, is coming, and will finally win!

2 Samuel 7
Acts 13:27
Isaiah 9:6-7,11:1-6,11:10
Daniel 2:44
Matthew 1:1,12:22-30
Luke 1:31-33
Romans 8:23-25
Revelation 11:15

Sermon discussion topics for parents to use with their children:

  • Why is David and his kingdom such a good forerunner for the Messiah?

  • Why is Jesus' Kingdom is superior to the present world kingdoms?

  • When was Jesus' Kingdom inaugurated?

  • How does one get into the Kingdom?

  • When will it be consummated?

  • Why should I be concerned to get myself in?