Biblical Exhortations to Elders and the Congregation

1 Peter 5:1-4
1 Timothy 4:6-7,12,16,5:1-2,17-22
Hebrews 13:17
2 Timothy 2:2-3,15,3:12-13,16-17
Titus 1:9,2:7-8
James 3:1
1 Corinthians 16:13
1 Thessalonians 5:12-13

“How shall we feel when we see in glory those who were entrusted to our care on earth? How shall we feel when we meet those who were brought to faith through our words, guided safely by our counsel, matured and strengthened by our care? Will we not experience an exultant, humble gladness when we realize that, in spite of much failure and felt weakness, we have been enabled to play a part in their everlasting happiness? When they speak freely of what God did for them through us, will our hearts not be filled to overflowing? Samuel Rutherford, the Covenanting preacher, was imprisoned in Aberdeen for loyalty to King Jesus. From that prison, on 13 July, 1637, he appealed affectionately to his congregation to trust the Savior: ’My witness is above; your heaven would be two heavens to me, and the salvation of you all as two salvations to me’. The elder, meeting even one soul from his flock at God’s right hand, will have ‘two heavens, two salvations’. We may hope to meet many more of our people than that.” Edward Donnelly, Peter Eyewitness of His Majesty“Unless elders keep this end in view, it can never come about that they will proceed in the course of their calling in earnest…because there are innumerable hindrances which can discourage the most prudent. They have often to do with ungrateful men, from whom they receive an unworthy reward; long and great labors are often in vain; Satan sometimes prevails with his wicked devices. So then, to prevent the faithful servant of Christ from being cast down, there is this one and only remedy, to turn his eyes to the coming of Christ.” John Calvin