Proclaiming God's Word: Session 2

Proclaiming God's Word

Proclaiming God's Word: "How shall they hear without a preacher?" One of the greatest needs of our day is for Biblical, passionate, clear preaching. The church, our nation, and the small towns and villages of our region are languishing from the lack of good preaching. Where must people go to hear the Word of God opened up with power and ability? Is the internet now the only option? But internet preaching is not live preaching from a man of God whom you know and who is a role model for you in all of life. Our vision is to raise up an army of preachers who will be sent out into our area and bring the Word of God to the people who are in darkness.

Course Instructor: Todd Jaussen

Course Sessions: 8

Session Dates: January 13, 2016 - April 20, 2016