Biblical Counseling (Semester 3): Session 2

Biblical Counseling (Semester 3)

During our first year we learned about the Biblical authority and necessity for Biblical Counseling. We ended by studying Biblical applications to specific life issues such as anger, depression, and anxiety. We also practiced and developed counseling skills through case studies. The second year will focus on observing experienced counselors interacting with people in similar circumstances that our brothers and sisters might experience. Class participants will pair up and observe counseling videos outside of class. Class time will be spent evaluating the observed counseling sessions.

Course Instructor: Scott Graubard

Course Sessions: 7

Session Dates: September 14, 2016 - December 28, 2016

Note: Most sessions in this course consisted of an open round-table type discussion of materials that were originally presented outside of class time, therefore the entire audio recording may not be available in a suitable format.