New Class: God’s Guidance for the Nurturing of Our Children

Dear Parents, Grandparents and those planning to be Parents,

Raising children is a high calling and it can be very challenging.  The challenges are growing greater in our culture as well.  It can be hard to get children to listen, respect parents and adults, not be so peer influenced and approval dependent, or even clean their room!  At times you may feel like you are barely holding on, let alone moving forward.  You wish they came with a Manuel.

Well, actually, they did…it’s the Bible.  God has given us a rich resource of instruction on the nurturing of our children. When God’s principles are followed our families can experience more peace, joy, and we can begin to see God at work in our children’s lives.  Parenting is not supposed to be yelling, begging, bribing, or counting to whatever and still seeing no response. Parenting can be a joyful experience!

We are going to offer a class beginning in March (1st class on the 3rd) entitled “God’s Guidance for the Nurturing of Our Children”.  We will be covering the wide array of topics that the Word of God addresses.  From the role of parents as God’s appointed authority in the home, to discipline, to nurturing an atmosphere of love in our home, to leading our children to Christ. 

We will cover many practical matters:  how to get children to listen and obey respectfully, how to deepen your relationship with your child, when and how to effectively discipline a child, what about chores? work ethic? cell phone? dating? friends? How to nurture such a close relationship with your child that they will value your opinion more than their peers and would rather disappoint them than you. And whatever topics you would like to see covered.

The class will meet on Sunday afternoons at 4:00pm at the church building.  Baby-sitting will be provided.  It is our hope that God will use this class in a powerful way to deepen our families lives and to glorify Himself as homes in our church are places where children (and parents) are flourishing!

We hope you can attend. If you have any questions please contact me.

By His Grace,


Benjamin BeckComment